Ilia Varcev

Born in Bulgaria and educated in Czechoslovakia during the communist isolation of Eastern Europe, Varcev pulls from the tradition of European masters  like Joseph Sudek and Andre Kertez, leavened with the vision of American photographers Walker Evans and Harry Callahan. His aesthetic is documentary in nature, but graphic in design. Black and white values reinforce the formal elements of his photographs, unifying images of varying content, taken over many years.

Whether dizzying , bucket-crane architectural views of modern skyscrapers, political rallies, public celebrations, intimate vignettes of his Eastern European homeland, or simply people on the street, Varcev’s photographs internalize his external reality, giving us a glimpse of the structure and meaning of the world in motion.


Born 1941
Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Raised in Czechoslovakia
(Prague, Brno)

Crossed the Iron Curtain to live in the U.S

Ilia’s work is included in many public, private and corporate collections.

Exhibitions and Collections

High Museum of Art
Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
King & Spaulding
The Seen Gallery
Arnold Gallery
Shorter University
Atlanta Photography Gallery
Pace Academy